Air Conditioning in Your Vehicle

Air Conditioning in Your Vehicle

Maintaining your car’s air conditioning is essential. Imagine if your car won’t cool down when you are stuck in traffic on a scorching day. It is not fun, and may even affect your health. When your vehicle runs out of the refrigerant or the air conditioning system leaks, you will want to have something done fast. In Southwest Florida, you will have a hard time surviving without this type of luxury, especially in summer. To avoid running into problems, ensure your car’s AC is checked regularly, ideally once per year.

How Do I Know that My Air Conditioning is in Good Shape?

Does the air in your car feel stuffy? Is the air coming from the car’s ventilation system feel warm even when you turn the air conditioner on max? You will know quickly whether the AC in your vehicle is functioning properly or not by answering those questions.

Finding a certified Air Conditioning expert who has many years of experience in the field will give you peace-of-mind. They will help you inspect, resolve, and fine-tune your car’s air conditioner, so it’s always working properly.

A good AC Technician should look into the following:

  1. Checking the HVAC vents’ interior for the output temperatures and testing the system for leakage and damage that may arise to the system
  2. Testing the HVAC systems for proper operation and cooling
  3. If the system is found to be of low refrigerant, performing a leak test is important
  4. Checking the system for cross-contamination mainly where incompatible and different refrigerants have been used
  5. Checking the HVAC drive belts and the tensioner

If your air conditioner maintains outlet temperatures between 35 and 48 degrees in outdoor temperatures in the 70’s to 80’s Fahrenheit, you should know that it is working pretty well. Otherwise, it might need servicing. You can try to check for yourself but if it becomes too complicated, consider looking for an expert.

Typical Problems Associated With an Automotive AC

One of the most recurrent problems associated with a car’s air conditioner is the low refrigerant levels. Most of the times, it is caused by a leaking somewhere in the system. Even on regularly maintained cars, the leaking may still occur. It is, therefore, essential to let the technicians do simple but effective AC systems check. They will quickly identify where the problem is coming from.

Car air conditioning maintenance has changed a lot over the last two decades since the government outlawed the use of R-12 refrigerant. Before, one could go to any garage for installation. Some folks even did installations for themselves, but things have changed.

The former Freon or AC system contained chlorofluorocarbon, which was extremely destructive to the atmosphere. The advancement is what has made the maintenance more expensive but environmentally friendly. It has also proved to be more effective when kept in good condition.

Since the government outlawed Freon, better replacements for vehicles that are older than 1994 were introduced. There are environmentally friendly conversion kits. The vehicles which were made after 1994 are currently using the advanced HVAC systems. They are suitable for human health and the atmosphere as well.

It is therefore advisable to consider hiring an experienced technician for regular vehicle air conditioning checkups. It also increases the motor vehicle resale value. Your car will also act as a safe hiding place from the heat, even during a scorching Florida summer day.

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