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Car Repair Warning Signs for an Older Automobile

Car Repair Warning Signs for an Older Automobile

Cars often require car repair once they reach 200,000 miles. Do you know the signs? Here are some common car repairs you might need for an older vehicle.

Cape Coral is known for its many canals. But Cape Coral residents also love their cars. And when a car reaches – or surpasses – 200,000 miles, that’s a huge milestone. But you should know that with those many miles, the car’s components will start to break down.

You’ll receive a few warning signs first. If you take action, you can avoid facing an expensive car repair. But if you ignore the warning signs, you’re in for a carload of trouble.

If you’re approaching 200,000 miles – or have left it behind – here are some common car problems you might face.

Old Cars: Most Common Auto Repairs

1. Old Struts and Shocks

Worn out struts and shocks usually make your car bounce up and down when you drive. Some cars, like a lowrider, bounce on purpose. But unless you’re cruising down the street in a lowrider, then your car shouldn’t bounce.

Uneven tires can also indicate that your struts and shocks are worn out. If you ignore these warning signs, your car will become more difficult to drive. In fact, it could become unsafe to have the car on the road. And you’ll eventually ruin the tires, too.

2. Old Spark Plugs

Some people think spark plugs will last forever. But spark plugs can wear out just like any other part of a car. Have you driven more than 100,000 miles without changing the spark plugs? Does the engine misfire, perform worse than ever before, or fails to start on most days? The spark plugs are likely worn out.

If your car is suddenly guzzling more fuel than normal, then it’s possibly time for new spark plugs. The same is true if engine performance has taken a dive. Your car’s performance will only get worse, so don’t ignore these signs.

3. Worn Out Brakes

Faulty brakes are dangerous. This is one repair that requires immediate attention. If you press your brakes and the pedal sinks lower than normal, that’s a big red flag.

It’s also a red flag when a brake pedal feels soft or spongy when you apply the brakes. The brake pedal should always feel firm when pressed!

Nothing good comes from driving with bad brakes. If your brakes completely fail while you’re driving, you’ll likely have an accident. Or you could ruin the brakes by wearing them down to the metal backing plates. If this happens, the brakes will normally make a squeaking or grinding noise. The best course of action is to seek car repair from a professional mechanic.

4. Bad Exhaust System

A worn-out exhaust system is hard to miss because it’s loud. At first, you might notice that the exhaust system is slightly louder than normal. But if the system isn’t replaced, the noise will continue to get louder.

A bad exhaust system is a threat to you, your passengers, and the environment. The toxic exhaust fumes can enter the car and make everyone inside sick. Those same fumes can also pollute the atmosphere, thereby causing pollution and make others sick.

5. Thermostat or Radiator Problems

When the thermostat or radiator goes bad, the engine will eventually overheat. You could find yourself on the side of the road with steam or smoke shooting out from the car hood.

An engine that overheats can cause serious damage to the vehicle. In fact, the internal parts can suffer irreparable damage. If that happens, you could find yourself forced to get a new engine.

If your engine’s temperature is higher than normal, make an appointment to have it checked. Also, make an appointment if you find yourself replenishing your car’s fluids more than normal.

The Importance of Reliable Car Repair

You want to avoid doing more damage to your car than necessary. That’s why it’s important to seek car repair when you notice something isn’t right with your car. Getting help from a reliable mechanic is the best way to keep your car safe and in working condition.

Modern Auto Air and Transmission can handle all of your repair needs. You’ll be back on the Cape Coral roads in no time.

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